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COVID-19 Announcement: We are currently OPEN and seeing patients although on a more limited and spread-out schedule. And, we are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. If you have, or recently have had any fever, cough or other respiratory symptoms please call your primary care doctor before coming to our office. We also offer telemedicine consults for herbal formulas for patients who cannot come to the office. Let’s all stay safe, and get through this together. We are happy to serve our patients during this extraordinary time! ALL CLINICAL STAFF ARE NOW FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19.


A Chinese Medicine Snack – Fruit Soup

     I often tell my patients to eat less sweet food.  When I say sweets I mean cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, soda, twinkies, doughnuts etc.  According to Chinese medicine excessive consumption of sweets leads to an impairment of the spleen and stomach system.  The sweet taste can strengthen the body in small amounts.  In large amounts sweets may cause problems.  These problems include fatigue, anxiety, bloating, poor digestion, unstable emotions, clouded thinking, chronic phlegm issues, poor muscle tone, weight gain, wasting and many other problems.  As explained in other posts,  a strong spleen is the basis for good health.  A weak spleen may lead to a wide variety of health issues.

Adzuki Bean and Jobs Tears Congee

     1231443_597924733604297_273583440_nDrinking congee on a regular basis is a great way to gently strengthen your digestive system.  It is very inexpensive and easy to prepare.  Congee can be used as a supplemental treatment for many different chronic diseases depending on the ingredients that are included.  It is extremely easy to digest and if taken regularly it can have a major effect on digestive health as well as overall health.

Adzuki bean and job’s tears congee is very good for people that suffer from what in Chinese medicine is called a damp spleen. You might be asking yourself “What the heck is a damp spleen?”  In Chinese Medicine the spleen plays a major role in digestion.  Lack of exercise, stress and over consumption of sweets, dairy, fried foods, iced drinks and  excessive intake of raw foods can wreak havoc on a person’s digestive system.  These foods will cause a weakening and slowing down of the digestive system.  After the digestive system slows it will cause a build up of toxins and excess water in the body.  This can manifest as poor digestion, bloating, weight gain, some skin diseases, headaches, difficulty waking in the morning. cloudy thinking and joint pain to name a few.  These can all be manifestation of excess fluid accumulation in the body or what the Chinese call excess spleen damp.
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Beef Broth A Simple Health Tonic

   8209262625_cbe39a74c7_m  Broth has been used in many civilizations for thousands of years because many of its great healing properties.  Bone broth is currently the craze right now in the health world.  There are now bone broth bars in cities across the country.  Drinking bone broth has many great benefits for people of all ages and health conditions.  The problem with bone broth is it is extremely time consuming to make.  Most people suggest cooking times of anywhere from twelve to seventy hours.  A great alternative to bone broth is actually plain beef broth made from meat instead of bone.

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Congee – A Simple Remedy For A Wide Array Of Digestive Ailments

congee    One the biggest complaints patients have when they seek Acupuncture treatment in the office in Mamaroneck is poor digestion.  This is why I am sharing this post.    All of the food you put into your mouth should work to support proper digestion.  In Chinese medicine there is an idea that you not only digest food through your digestive system but you also digest your life experiences as well.  Having a strong digestive system will make your body strong and allow your mind to be very clear. continue reading »