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Digestive Health

Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine For Constipation In Mamaroneck

23638290572_b61bcd7666_z (1)After seeing patients for many years I have found one of the most common complaints about digestion that people suffer is constipation.  There is an entire industry around helping people have healthy bowel movements.  Fiber supplements, laxatives, probiotics, even prescription medications to help with this common complaint.  Some find benefit while others do not.  The ones that do not find relief often accept the fact they have infrequent bowel movements, irritability, bloating, etc.  The ones that do find relief often only find temporary relief because the underlying cause of their constipation was not addressed. continue reading »

Steamed Sweet Potatoes – A Superfood For Your Digestion

1453545_10202878964802096_1509473467_n      Sweet potatoes are a great tonic food for the digestive system.  It is a great food to eat if you have weak digestion.  They are helpful for both loose stools and for constipation.  It is also really good at helping with blood sugar imbalances.  I suggest to my patients that they should eat their sweet potatoes steamed.  If you eat too much baked sweet potato it can cause constipation.  Steamed sweet potato generally does not cause this problem.  I will talk about the effects of different cooking methods in future posts.

     It is best to have one sweet potato per day or at least every other day.  There are many varieties of sweet potato.  Orange flesh, purple flesh, white flesh, etc.  Some are from the Americas some are from Japan there are probably many others.  If you have diabetes or blood sugar issues it is probably best to eat the orange variety.  They are not as sweet as the other varieties. Best is to buy organic if you can.  Try having sweet potato regularly for two to three weeks.  You may notice some changes in your digestion. 

continue reading »

Drink Hot Water For Better Health Part II

     hot-waterIt has been quite a while since I wrote the original posting on the benefits of drinking hot water.  I was inspired to write more on the benefits of drinking hot water since we are in the middle of the winter season and this is the most important time of the year to consume warm food and beverages.  The original post was put up in 2012 and I have gained some more insight and easier ways of explaining the benefits of consuming hot water rather than cold.

     While working with patients I have noticed how different temperatures of water effect people in three distinct ways.  In very basic terms ice water will cause and aggravate many chronic health conditions.  Drinking room temperature water will not have a negative effect on health. It also will not have a very obvious effect on improving health aside from drinking enough fluids will keep a person hydrated.  Consuming hot water on the other hand will not only prevent the worsening of a patients symptoms but will also act as a mild treatment for many chronic conditions. continue reading »

Congee – A Simple Remedy For A Wide Array Of Digestive Ailments

congee    One the biggest complaints patients have when they seek Acupuncture treatment in the office in Mamaroneck is poor digestion.  This is why I am sharing this post.    All of the food you put into your mouth should work to support proper digestion.  In Chinese medicine there is an idea that you not only digest food through your digestive system but you also digest your life experiences as well.  Having a strong digestive system will make your body strong and allow your mind to be very clear. continue reading »

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