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A Chinese Medicine Snack – Fruit Soup

     I often tell my patients to eat less sweet food.  When I say sweets I mean cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, soda, twinkies, doughnuts etc.  According to Chinese medicine excessive consumption of sweets leads to an impairment of the spleen and stomach system.  The sweet taste can strengthen the body in small amounts.  In large amounts sweets may cause problems.  These problems include fatigue, anxiety, bloating, poor digestion, unstable emotions, clouded thinking, chronic phlegm issues, poor muscle tone, weight gain, wasting and many other problems.  As explained in other posts,  a strong spleen is the basis for good health.  A weak spleen may lead to a wide variety of health issues.

     Instead of eating excessively sweet desserts you can try this simple recipe for Chinese fruit soup.  Fruit soup can be made in many different ways.    You can use any fruit that you like. This is a simple recipe that I like.


rock sugar and hawthorne




one apple peeled and cored

Chinese rock sugar (not as sweet as refined sugar)

a few slices of dried hawthorne (optional)

honey (optional)




1.  Put the apple, rock sugar and hawthorne into a pot



2.  Cover with water



3.  Bring to a boil

4.  After it comes to a boil pour the soup into a bowl that has half a teaspoon of honey.

5.  Stir and serve hot.



     The function of this soup is to nourish the spleen and to open the stomach.  It is good to have as a snack or for dessert.  This is a good substitute for the the excessively sweet treats that we as Americans love so much.  This recipe is good for one or two servings.


If diabetic this recipe is not for you.



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