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The Chinese name for acupuncture is 针灸 (zhenjiu). 针 or zhen means needle.  灸 or jiu means moxibustion.  Acupuncture and moxibustion are a yin yang pair.  Acupuncture being yin while moxibustion being more yang.  Acupuncture has the effect of unblocking the meridians of the body and increasing circulation.  It basically makes the body function better by removing obstructions in circulation and helping the body to relax.  Moxibustion on the other hand can unblock circulation while at the same time adding more energy to the body and warming it up.  The warmth offered by moxibustion is different from the warmth given from a heat lamp or a heating pad.  A heating pad will only warm up the muscle tissue directly under the pad.  The heat from moxibustion will travel along the same meridian pathways as acupuncture.  Patients will often feel heat travelling down the limbs, up to the head, down to their feet and deep inside their body.  Moxa is not only warming it restores organ function and can repair and restore nerve function.  As this warmth travels deeper into the body the more it can rest and recharge. 

Moxibustion is often used when acupuncture alone cannot treat a condition.  In classical Chinese texts it often states that if acupuncture cannot treat a problem you need to use moxibustion. Some historians think that moxibustion has a longer history than acupuncture.  Some acupuncturists believe that acupuncture alone is not a complete treatment.  The combination with moxibustion will often offer deeper and longer lasting effects.  With moxibustion we heat up acupuncture points.  Nothing is inserted into the body

So what is moxibustion exactly?  Moxa is made is made from Mugwort.  The Chinese name is 艾叶。The Latin name is Folium Artermisiae argyi).  Mugwort is actually a common plant found all over China.  A similar species of mugwort is a common plant found throughout the United States as well.  Historically mugwort was harvested on a specific day each year.  The leaves were then dried and processed into floss. Lastly the moxa floss is aged for various lengths of time.  The same process is carried out today and different types of floss were developed for different purposes.

There are many different applications of moxibustion.  At our clinic we use about ten different moxa methods.  Each one has it particular benefit.  In general moxa is great for fatigue, weakness, pain worse in cold damp weather, numbness, paralysis, chronic loose stool, low immunity, chronic bleeding, painful periods, weak digestion, infertility, fibroids, spinal disorders, stroke recovery, plus many other symptoms. 

Many acupuncturist choose not to use acupuncture because it is smoky and time consuming.  It has been Ira Wahrman’s experience that for certain conditions moxibustion cannot be matched.  When its needed and used correctly it can work wonders.

Ginger Moxa For Lower Back Pain dragon moxa for sever joint pain Abalone Shell Moxa For Period Pain Ira Wahrman L.Ac - Moxibustion for Hip Pain


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