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Diet and Lifestyle Counseling

The most important treatment Of all

Hands down the most important thing for your health is what you do outside the treatment room.  Everything you eat and drink has a huge impact on your health and is responsible for at least sixty to seventy of health problems.  Your lifestyle habits including sleep habits, exercise habits, etc. also play a major part in shaping our health.  In our modern world there is no shortage of information on how to eat and how to live.  The problem is that there is too much information and a lot of it is just a fad without any real basis in science or tradition.  Chinese Medicine has a long history of using food and lifestyle to not only combat disease but also increase health and longevity.  This was figured out hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  Often little changes in diet and lifesltyle habits can cause massive shifts in health and quality of life.

If you just regulate the stomach and intestines and strengthen digestion and elimination through diet and lifestyle acupuncture, herbal medice, moxa, etc. may not even be needed.

Here is a quote from Sun Si Miao.  He was a famous physician from the Tang dynasty.  Often referred to as the medicine king and revered by doctors, Taoists and Buddhists.

First, modify the patient’s diet and lifestyle and only then, if these do not effect a cure, treat with medicinals and acupuncture

The importance of your stomach and digestion

You can eat the most nutritious and highest quality food and still have poor health.  When it comes to good health the first step is to fine tune and regulate the digestion and elimination.  If you do not digest and eliminate well then there is a problem.  First, You should have a healthy appetite.  After you finish your meal you should not feel pain, bloating, nausea, reflux, etc.  Your stomach should feel relaxed and your body should not feel tired.  When you pass stool you should pass stool before breakfast.  The stool should not be difficult and it should be formed.  You should pass stool once a day in the morning.  Anything outside of that is problematic and your stomach and intestines are not functioning optimally.  Even if the symptoms of poor digestion do not bother you they can be part of the reason you are suffering from your main complaint or the main reason you are seeking treatment. 

If your digestion is working properly, you will digest your food better and extract all the nutrients needed.  Many cases of chronic pain, gynecological disorders, anxiety, depression, immune issues, allergies, neurological conditions, (basically most health issues) can drastically improve with regulating digestion through proper diet and lifestyle.

If my digestion is ok do I still need to adjust my diet?

For some patients it is a stretch to believe that changing diet can effect anything outside the digestive system.  If you are taking anti depressants they go through your stomach to effects your emotions.  If you are taking a prescriion drug for your skin it goes through your stomach first.  Then the drug action will work where it is supposed to work.  All disease starts in the stomach and all healing starts there as well.  Just remember everything you eat and do during the day can bring your health or cause you discomfort.

The Importance of Rest

Many patients find it difficult to get enough rest and have poor sleep quality.  Minor dietary and lifestyle changes can do wonders to help your body rest and recharge.  Poor sleep quality can lead to weight gain, anxiety, depression, diabetes, etc.  By resting adequately many physical and emotional conditions will improve on there own often not requiring as much treatment.

The correct type of exercise

Everyone’s body is different.  Some patients will do well with one type of exercise and other will not.  Some patients need to perspire a lot to improve their health while others may need to perform exercises that do not cause much sweating.  Each person is different.  Some patients will get prescribed exercises to help with their health condition.  Ira Wahrman licensed acupuncturist is not a physical trainer or fitness expert.  He will often refer people to different classes or trainers online and in person.

What about weight loss?

Many patients have asked me about weight loss over the years.  There are some acupuncturists who specialize in weight loss.  In China there are even practitioners that guaranatee weight loss over a certain period of time.  Ira Wahrman does not offer weight loss treatments.  He teaches people how to improve their overall health through diet and lifestyle.  Many patients do experience weight loss as a side effect.   

Do not take my word for it

Everything I suggest for patients is something I have done myself or have seen work with many patients.  Ira always tells patients to try out his advice for a short time.  If it does not work then just put it aside.  Diet and Lifestyle Changes should produce noticeable changes in health.

Does it cost a lot of money to live a healthy lifestyle?

It can cost a lot to have a healthy lifestyle and diet but it does not have to.  In many cases it can help you save money.  By taking control of your health through adjusting your diet and lifestyle you can drastically improve your health now and into the future.  You will also end up taking a lot less herbal medicine and also need fewer acupuncture sessions.

Time vs. Money

It is completely up to you whether you want to spend money on acupuncture, massage and treatment.  Or you can instead spend your time adjusting your diet and lifestyle to bring about more lasting and deeper health effects.  If you have to choose one adjusting your diet and lifestyle will bring the most lasting effect.  Combine that with acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments you have a much better chance of meeting your health goals.

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