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What We Treat

Ira Wahrman L.Ac in Mamaroneck, NY.   has had a lot of success treating the symptoms below.



 Lower back pain  Mid Back Pain  Nausea PMS
 Neck Pain  Elbow Pain  Acid Reflux  Painful  Period
 Knee pain  Fibromyalgia  Abdominal Pain  Irregular Period
 Hip Pain  Chronic Fatigue  Loose Stool Allergies
 Shoulder Pain  Arthritis  Constipation  Chronic Nasal Congestion
Sport Injuries Stroke  IBS  Anxiety
 Headaches Facial Paralysis Fertility Insomnia
Neuropathy  Food Allergies Menopause Stress
Wrist Pain  Gas and Bloating Low Libido Plus many others..


Give me a call today at (914) 772-4044 to make an appointment at the Mamaroneck office to discuss your health concerns and we can figure out the best plan of action for you.