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Menopause and Lower Back Pain

I had excruciating back pains in April 2013 and was diagnosed with herniated disc and disc bulge. I was treated from April to June and was generally ok thereafter. In August the pain returned and I thought that I would need to go back to the ortho doc to get an epidural. I talked to a friend and she suggested acupuncture.

      I did a number of treatments over the first couple weeks. They went very well and provided relief. However, my back was very grateful to Ira who at the first session with him, did what I thought was very different – he put needles on the back of my left hand and had me walk around the room. Within a few minutes the pain on the right side of my back was gone. This was amazing to me. Over the course of the treatment Ira not only treated my back but gave me needles to help solve my menopausal issues. I was not sleeping well and having hot flashes. Now I sleep normally and the hot flashes have gradually diminished. I have not had one for more than a week. As a matter of fact the last time I had the sensation, it was not the typical hot flash but a warm feeling that did not last for very long.
      Additionally, I have tried a few things like walking backwards that have helped to relieve discomfort in my back and I have not been as diligent as I should with the exercise. Soaking my feet at night on Ira’s recommendation has also helped me rest more comfortably.
      I am extremely happy and satisfied with the service that I have received to-date.
– Millicent S.

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