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Take A Walk After Eating To Improve Digestion

     14215967966_3179056801_nIn Chinese Medicine digestion is one of the most important processes that takes place in your body.  Proper rest and movement allows your body to digest food and drinks properly.  During the day many people eat on the run and after dinner we sit and watch television or lie down.  These are poor habits that will contribute to many chronic problems.

     Generally you should sit down and just focus on eating.  Do not watch television or read.  Try not to eat in a hurry and focus on chewing your food.  Allow your mind to be relaxed.  After you finish eating, sit and relax for about fifteen minutes then get up and go for a walk.  Try to take a walk in a park or some other relaxing place.  You do not need to walk quickly or even have a destination.  Just walk and try to take it easy.

     Walking soon after a meal encourages your digestive system to break down your food much more efficiently and smoothly.  It also allows your intestines to relax and move more smoothly as well.  People that suffer from chronic indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, fatigue, mild depression and obesity can all see changes in their symptoms.

     There is an old Chinese saying: 饭后百步走活到九十九(fan hou bai bu zou huo dao jiu shi jiu)。This translates as:  One hundred steps after a meal will lead to a life of ninety nine years.


Long life and good health is easy to attain with just a few changes to your daily life habits.


– Enjoy


‘Evening Stroll’ by Matthias Ripp – Licensed under Creative Commmons

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