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Current Patient Resources

Items for patients


These are items that I suggest for patients.  Some of them for all cases and others for specific cases. These links will link you to the item in my amazon store.  I do receive a 4-5% commission on all sales but the main reason is to make these items easier for patients to find.

Moxa Belt Foot Soaking Basin Hot Water Thermos Real Salt
Portable Hot Plate Dark Brown Sugar Dark Brown Sugar Chinese Rock Sugar
Glass Water Bottle Travel Mug

Chinese Tea and Teaware

You can buy great quality black tea, wu long, pu er and red tea from these companies.  The quality is high which also means the pesticide usage is low to non.  Most commercial teas on the market cause more problems than they help.  These two companies are the companies I buy my tea from.

Qigong and Yoga Resources

These two websites will connect you with qigong and yoga that is suitable for most people.  Both systems are safe and systematic and suited for repairing the body from the diseases of modern times.  These are disease caused by stress.


Squatty Potty

If you are having issues with constipation, hemorrhoids or other bowel problems product is great for improving bowel movements.













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