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Eczema and Psoriasis: Chinese Medicine To The Rescue.

Chinese Medicine is not just acupuncture

Aside from acupuncture I offer internal and external herbal treatments.  This post is about an external herbal product I have had great success with.  This product is very helpful for a wide range of skin issues.  I only sell or share information on products that I have found to be helpful with family, friends and clients.  The product I will share is one that has blown me away.  It is made with mild herbal substances that are safe enough to apply to babies. 

Do you suffer from any of these skin conditions:

  • Dry -type eczema
  • Flaking dry psoriasis
  • Cracked hands and cuticles
  • Dry cracked heels
  • Ashy skin
  • Dry, red, itchy rashes
  • Hands rough from overuse
  • General Moisturizing
  • Diaper Rash
  • Drool Rash
  • Winter Dryness

If you do this post should be helpful.

Illness and disease can be looked at as a learning experience

We are all human and my health is not perfect.  I strive to take care of myself the best I can with diet, lifestyle and exercise but I also fall victim to various health ailments from time to time.  I try not to stress and I do my best to figure out how to improve my health on my own.  It may sound crazy but I find it exciting.  There is no better feedback than trial and error on yourself.  I get a better look at what works and what does not and also have a clearer idea on how to apply different treatments.

My recent skin troubles

Recently I suffered a terrible rash.  It was very itchy, warm and red.  Both my legs to started swell.

Photo of Emily Skin Soothers
Photo of Emily Skin Soothers

The rash spread out over both my legs.  My wife was pushing me to seek out treatment but I decided to figure it out by myself.  I have successfully treated various skin conditions in the past.  Eczema, rashes, psoraisis, etc.  Usually the best combination is internal herbal medicine coupled with dietary adjustments.  For myself I wanted to try out a product which I have suggested to many patients in the past but had not experienced myself.  The product is called Emily Skin Soothers.  Emily Skin Soothers was created by an acupuncturist to treat his newborn babies eczema.  When he applied it to his child the eczema slowly disappeared.  My son also had eczema when he was about 6 months old.  We were not able to get him to take Chinese herbal medicine internally.  We decided to apply Emily Skin Soothers and it worked like magic.  Nothing else seemed to work with him.  The itching and redness just slowly disappeared.  

So back to my story.  Emily skin soothers has a line of products.  I used the preparation that was specific for red, hot skin.  As soon as it touched my skin the itching disappeared.  I applied the product 4 times a day for a week and it slowly disappeared.  It is now two weeks later and my skin is pretty much back to normal.  I have seen this product work so well for my patients, myself and my family that I am now carrying it in my acupuncture office in Mamaroneck.  


Pictures of the magic at work

Ira Wahrman acupuncturist skin rash
My skin before applying treatment.

Ira Wahrman acupuncturist skin rash
My skin after applying treatment for 1 week.

Ira Wahrman acupuncturist skin rash
My skin before applying treatment.

Ira Wahrman acupuncturist skin rash
My skin after applying treatment for 1 week.


I do not claim and and the Emily Skin Soothers company do not claim to have a cure for eczema or psoraisis or anything for that matter.  It has been their experience and my experience that these products are very soothing to various skin issues.


I am currently carrying the Emily Skin Soothers line of products in my acupuncture office in Mamaroneck.  Pick some up at your next visit for yourself, friends or family.

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