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COVID-19 Announcement: We are currently OPEN and seeing patients although on a more limited and spread-out schedule. And, we are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. If you have, or recently have had any fever, cough or other respiratory symptoms please call your primary care doctor before coming to our office. We also offer telemedicine consults for herbal formulas for patients who cannot come to the office. Let’s all stay safe, and get through this together. We are happy to serve our patients during this extraordinary time! ALL CLINICAL STAFF ARE NOW FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19.

Living with the seasons

How To Keep Yourself Healthy In The Winter

     winter-wonderlandOn the Chinese calendar winter started on November seventh.    In Rego Park it does not seem much like winter though.  Usually by this time of year we are already in the 30’s.  We are nearing Christmas and it feels more like October.  This time of year is an easy time for people to get sick.  I would like to share some simple advice from Chinese medicine that will allow you to have a healthy and relaxed winter season. continue reading »